How we do it

Be respectful

  • We are careful about the impact of our decisions and actions
  • Our offices are based in an ecological co-working space
  • We buy reclycled materials
  • We use electrical or public transportation
  • We support ethical & environmental causes
  • We contribute pro-bono to charities and environmental organisations

Get ignited

To be ignited you have to be passionnate. To be passionnate you have to bring an engaged heart and a sharp mind balancing a smart recruitment process with genuine care for our clients, candidates, and colleagues.

We want to be a dedicated member of your team helping you recruit the best talent, men and women of unique values, to achieve your development goals.

We do believe in Co

Co-working, co-sharing, co-inspiring, co-llaboration, co-mmunication. We confront our knowledge, our intuition. We open our reference frames, we listen to other points of view to de-frame our assessments and widen the crowd of candidates we therefore meet.

Our creed

  • We will tell the truth
  • We will honor our promises
  • We will hold confidences unconditionally
  • We will keep learning
  • We will care for our client’s organization as if it were ours
  • We will be employer of choice to attract the best talents
  • We will hold strongly to our values and spread them
  • We will foster new ideas and creativity
  • We will try to leave the world in a better state than we found it
  • We will always thank our client for their trust, our employees for their good work and our partners for their collaboration

© Benoit Feron