• Executive Search

    Finding the right candidate for the right position. Understanding your needs, knowing the market, having direct access to the candidates, using inclusion tools to detect and assess diversity talents, value assessment and skills assessment, use of a proven methodology ensuring smooth and fast execution, diligent reports are what makes our service a unique experience and a powerful recruitment tool.

  • Executive Coaching

    We coach our executive talents so that they integrate better and faster their new functions. We believe that to accompany an executive on his new path in the company can prove very efficient and is a gain of time for our client.

    We also coach all your Executives at your demand, to help them deploy their full talent or redirect them towards other functions.

  • Value-based Team Assessments

    Values are at the core of our work. We believe they cement a business and empower all employees to thrive and deliver high performance work. With values alignment, employees know what they are working for, they find a better meaning in what they do.

    It is therefore essential to identify the values of the candidates and to ensure that their expectations are in line with the culture of the company.

    To achieve this, we have developed a professional tool for identifying the values that we use in each of our missions: the Executive Value tool. In this way, we take the time to deepen the values of our candidates to ensure the cultural fit with their new business. We use our tool as part of the recruitment process, but also in the definition of corporate values or in the definition of team values. Contact us for more information.

  • Internal Communication

    Acting is a powerful way to communicate to your people. Our experience has proven that very sensitive and difficult messages can be passed on through by acting.

    We set up plays with your message, and put up a show in order to communicate to your employees on topics such as harassment, diversity, CSR, consciousness, security, etc…

    Together with you we define the message you need to pass through, we find a story to tell and our actors play it in front of your teams.